Sawline scanners

Automatic grading

We are a finnish automation company founded in 1987.  

Lisker Oy was founded 1987 and is specialized in sawmills scanning and optimizing systems. Our wide product portfolio covers scanners from saw infeed to final grading.

Sawmill raw material being so expensive, we have specialized in improving yield and sawmills profitability

Certain products of ours pay back in months ! We  make also tests “before and after delivery” to prove concrete improvements.  


Wood is organic material influected by growing and  biological environment, soil, weather conditions and harvesting methods.  

Therefore each and every sawn timber piece is unique. Efficient sawmill utilizes every purchased round wood cubic meter the best possible way. Lisker Oy’s scanning and optimizing systems recognize all important wood properties and make decisions for increased yield and overall profitability.


Our company is specialized in automatic scanning and optimization systems for wood industry. Our leading force is improving our customers mills yield, efficiency and profitalibility.

Sawing line scanners

Sawing line scanners control the log and cant movements for optimum yield. Depending on the line lay-out side boards can be optimized either with cant scanner (profiling line) or with edger scanners. All scanners have various implementation types depending on the line mechanics. For example log scanner can be built with two scanner heads to fit into smaller space. All scanners can be built on profile sensors or digital matrix cameras and line lasers. We will offer the best suitable option for your line structure.

Tukkimittari ProfiScan-1GigE

Log Scanner ProfiScan-1GigE

ProfiScan-1 is a log scanner for automatic log rotation. ProfiScan-1 creates a polar coordinate 3D-model of the scanned log and determines the direction and value of sweep. Proper log rotation has proven to have a significant impact on sawing line yield.


  • improved yield
  • fully automatic
  • better quality of sawn timber

Cant Scanner ProfiScan-2GigE for side board optimization

ProfiScan-2 is a cant scanner for side board optimization. System optimizes side board width and position. Optimisation can be volume or value based. Camera-laser pair on both sides can optimize secondary breakdown side boards. By adding one camera-laser pair above, both primary and secondary breakdown side boards can be optimized. ProfiScan-2 can increase side board volume even over 10 %.


  • proven yield over 99 %
  • fully automatic
  • works with high line speeds

Edger Scanner ProfiScan-3GigE

ProfiScan-3 scans unedged board on a longitudinal conveyor after centering. Optimizing routine determines best available width based on volume or value optimization. Edger saw control values are sent to controlling PLC. Skewing is possible.


  • high yield
  • fully automatic
  • high line speeds

Two-sided scanning ProfiScan-3:

  • sensors on both sides (up & down)
  • profile sensor technology
Tukin pyörityksen reaaliaikainen hallinta Profi-TC

Realtime control of automatic log rotation Profi- TC

Profi-TC is realtime control of log rotation, wich is based on texture analysis of log surface. Lisker Oy’s Profi-TC concept installation improves sawing line yield considerably! Profi-TC systems take care of controlling over 10 million cubics of round wood each year with top yield.


  • log rotation average error 0, standard deviation below 5 degrees
  • yield increase even over 3 %
  • eliminates systematic rotation errors automatically

Technical specification:

Frame grabbing and realtime handling over 400 frames/s. Camera resolution 5 Mpixels. Fast response time and good resolution ensure high yield.

Automatic grading

Automatic grading of sawn timber green and dry is more or less a standard for sawmills today. Lisker Oy’s ProfiGrade concept works with or without a piece turner. We have also available ”Lite”-versions, which scans and analyses only the faces. Our expirience is that already 30 000 m3 capasity is economical for automatic grading investment. Latest camera technology, using line lasers to detect deformations and smart program algorithms ensure fast and optimal result.

Kääntäjän kanssa toimiva ProfiGrade TFE-6

Automatic grading with piece turner, ProfiGrade TFE-6

ProfiGrade TFE-6 has been “the workhorse” of automatic grading already for 20 years for small and large mills, for green and dry grading. Systems grade annually millions of cubics of sawn timber. Components chosen have proven their reliability in industrial, harsh environments. Our aim is to provide cutting edge solutions for our customers, so that they can prosper. We work every year in R&D projects to enhance our products even further.

  • industry tested technology
  • excellent in detetecting deformations and color defects
  • sertified for strength grading (complimentary and visual)
  • can be modified to ProfiGrade 360 (without     piece turner)
Ilman kääntäjää toimiva ProfiGrade 360

Automatic grading without piece turner, ProfiGrade 360

ProfiGrade 360 concept has been developed for lines without a piece turner. We have concentrated in R&D to introduce a concept, where keeping the components clean and functional below the line is easy. Scanning below the line is  carried out in one position and components are properly covered against dust. We have kept also in mind possibility to upgrade existing ProfiGrade TFE-6 system to ProfiGrade 360 model – and it can be done ! ProfiGrade 360 mechanics are simple to construct and easy to maintain.

  • scanning below the line in one position
  • components below well covered against dust
  • simple mechanical structure
  • compact, fits into smaller space
Päätymittaus Profi-BE

Board end scanner, Profi-BE

Profi-BE board end scanner was developed to work either as a separate entity or as an option for ProfiGrade grading. Profi-BE provides further information of the board for automatic grading to support the decision making process.

Measurable quantities

  • Position of pith
  • Growth ring width
  • Inner-outer piece separation in 4xlog
  • Inner-outer face recognition
Tukkimittari ProfiScan-1GigE

Profi Scan-3